Welcome to Fluff n' Stuff providing assortments of appetizers and desserts located in Brooklyn, NY


About Us!

Everybody more or less eats what they feel like...here at Fluff n' Stuff, we want you to feel what you eat!

We ALL have a sweet tooth to a certain degree, be it cake, cookie, ice cream, chocolate, fruit, if it has sugar and you like it...that's your sweet tooth!

Fluff n' Stuff
started several years ago, when I got invited to a friend's potluck party. Since I was late in picking out my item, I got left with being the one responsible for a homemade dessert. I made cheesecake tarts: an assortment of cheesecakes with different toppings and flavors.  Arriving at the party, I put them out for "dessert", only to have all of them ate before night's end. One thing led to another as a few of the people at the party had their own events, and I was asked each time to make something new and different. The interesting thing is since it was the same group of friends attending these events; they were able to sample most of my items, consistently.

This hobby of mine was growing as more and more people put request in after request: what started out with cheesecakes and red velvet cakes, turned into making different types of cookies, assortment of cake flavors and ice creams, biscotti, breads, muffins, cupcakes- the list goes on and on.  I discovered that as simple as it sounds people want that one thing that makes them feel good, something tasty not just to the eyes but to the stomach.  People want to FEEL what they EAT. Foods can and will affect your moods. Your moods can and will affect the foods (you eat).
As I explored deeper into the world of baking, and caking, I realized then, that I REALLY enjoy doing this!!! I mean it's a far cry from my life on Wall Street and Corporate America...this is FUN!
I enrolled myself into Intro to Cake Decorating Class, and I fell in love. So what I was the only guy in the class, who sat in the front with a note pad and digital camera, taking notes and pictures of everything single thing the teacher said.  From this class I was invited to another class-more advanced, and while I was worried about my performance, what I lacked in 'skill', I made up for in 'will'. With each lesson I took, new creations, ideas, techniques, and self-discoveries were made. I enrolled in guest chef classes, meeting Cake Decorators and Chefs from the Food Network, TLC, Cake Boss, as well as well-known local talents!  I studied different techniques visiting bakeries around the city, asking questions, tasting, taking pictures...learning all along the way.

I started investing in the tools of the trade: converting a part of my kitchen into a pantry of cake and decorating supplies.  My support network at home and partner holds her own in the kitchen as well, bringing to this endeavor experience, and impeccable culinary skills across the board.
As time progressed, I started developing my own recipes, mixing different flavors, extracts, fruits, spices, into conventional recipes, enhancing and improving all along the way.  (Believe in the power of Duck Eggs!!!)
I even made it my duty to create low fat/carb/sugar and gluten free deserts, for those who are health conscious and who want to satisfy the need for a dessert.
While I do not profess to be a pastry chef, I am proud to say I am a Baker and a Cake Decorator, who is constantly looking to improve his craft and openly learn as much as I can.  
I have been very fortunate to meet some very helpful and knowledgeable people who in turn have opened a lot of doors for me...I am always appreciative for this.
So with all that said, I want to welcome you and THANK you for coming into the World of Fluff n' Stuff: sign in/register, look around, see who our Baker's Choice for the month is, check the calendar for tasting or events, read/leave a testimony, and put your order in.